Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to get google adsense easily approved by google?

Many bloggers signup for google adsense, getting disapproved by the google adsense team. There are so many reasons for disapproved

What's the reason and requirement for the approval of adsense ?

1) content

Content must be unique and fresh that means don't copy anything from other blog /website .content must be your own hand written form .According to the google adsense terms and policy.Words must be 500-600 or less.Do not embbed the youtube code more and more to your post or upload lot of photos to the post .google hate this .don't write articles about ponography,hacking,cracking,like illegal activities

2) blog design

A good professional looking simple clean blog is better to increase the Adsense approval chance.Don't use more unwanted gadget for your blog, if you are using blogger custom template select the Adsense optimized template for the better result.keep the label widget at the side bar for the better navigation. It's very easy to view the blog conveniently to visitor.

3) Doman age

Domain age must be at least 6 month old for asian countries like india,pakistan, because many adsense submission to google without any good quality content.
But this is not very strictly followed,
as long as you have a good design and original content, you will get approved by Approved By Google Adsense.alway use a top level domain to increase the approval chance ,

4) organic search traffic

Unlike referral traffic organic traffic is important for the approval of Adsense get more back links from high page rank sites to increase the traffic. At least 500-600 daily page view is enough for the approval of Adsense .submit the site map of your blog to the search engine like google,yahoo,bing using free webmasters tool. To know about your post to search engine and index well.

5) other ad service

Temporarily remove other ad service like chitika ,infolinks,clicksor etc

6) Some Page Requirements

* About us

You must create a about page in your blog for the better understanding to your visitors including your name, age e-mail address, or even your photo. So visitors can trust your blog

* contact us
This page is to provide their feedback about what they like about your blog,
and for communication with the visitors and advertiser

* privacy policy
This is important to every blogger ,represent that one who "what should do or not .you can write privacy policy at your own or using online privacy policy generators.

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