Monday, June 3, 2013

Google AdSense Don'ts - Dirty Tricks and Bad Tips That Will Get Your Site Banned

Want to make money with Google AdSense for content? Here's a list of what not to do, unless you want to get banned. Google doesn't play around when it comes to click fraud. Click fraud loses Google money, and it loses AdWords customers money.
If you don't play by the rules, you may get a warning, you may get suspended, or you may just get banned.

1. Commit Google Don'ts

The first thing to avoid is any of the Google Don'ts. Cloaking, keyword stuffing, and title stacking are all ways to get banned from Google searches. They're also ways to get banned from AdSense.
When you place AdSense ads on your site, your site is far more visible to Google and it's much more likely that your rule breaking will be caught.

2. Click on Your Own Ads

No matter how tempting, never ever click on your own ads. This is probably the easiest way to get your site suspended or banned. It's a form of click fraud, and Google is very good at catching this, even if you think you're hiding your tracks.
Don't let anyone who uses any computer in your home click on your ads, either. Make sure your significant others and children are aware of the rules, or you could jeopardize your standing with Google.

3. Hide Your Ads

It might be tempting to hide your ads by making them the same color as your background or camouflaging them on areas with busy background images. You do still get paid for pageviews, so invisible ads would still pay, right? Don't even try it. This violates Google's Terms of Service, and it's easy to get caught.
Don't stuff your ads far below the rest of the content, either. Clicks pay better than pageviews, so it's to your advantage to have your ads prominent. Try to make the ads look like they belong on your page.

4. Beg for Clicks

Don't hold ad-click contests, beg, or even give big hints that people should click on your ads. They can ban you if they catch you begging for clicks anywhere on the Web, including pages that are totally unrelated to your AdSense pages.
Google also forbids labeling your ads with language stronger than "sponsored links." This is really for everyone's benefit. Pages that beg for clicks are usually not great reads, and pity clicks don't help the advertisers.
Note: It's fine to have contests on your Web site that aren't related to ad clicking or other rule breaking, such as "best photo" contests.

5. Alter the Code

AdSense generates javascript code that you can copy-and-paste directly into the HTML of your Web page. If you need to change the color or size of your ads, generate new code from AdSense. Don't make changes to the code from your Web page editing program or tweak it by hand.
If you put AdSense in Blogger, Google will generate the code for you from within Blogger.

6. Use Robots to Click on Your Site

Never use any sort of automated tool to inflate your page views or click on your ads. This is click fraud of the highest order, and Google is very sophisticated at catching this. This is a trick that can easily get you banned.
Likewise, don't use human-powered schemes to pay for clicks, either. No trading clicks with other AdSense users, and no pay-for-clicking schemes. If advertisers wanted to pay people for clicking, they would have signed up for it themselves.

7. Tell People How Much You Earn Per Click

Google is very picky about how much you disclose about how AdSense works. They don't let you tell people how much you were paid per keyword, because this could jeopardize revenue from AdWords advertisers. Beware of anyone who offers to sell you this information.

8. Make Pages Specifically to Display Ads

Google says you can't make pages simply to hang ads, "whether or not the page content is relevant." Many Web sites, including, make money from ads. Google itself makes most of its money from advertising. What makes the difference between ad sponsored content and content for the sake of ads?
When you develop your site, your first thought should be about creating content, not ads. Avoid writing empty sentences for the sake of generating keywords, and avoid lengthy copy-and-pastes just to make more pages. Every page you publish should have a content-driven purpose.

9. Make Content About Taboo Topics

Google has a strict list of content standards, and they don't accept AdSense on pages that are violating them. These include, among other things, sites that promote or sell:
  • alcohol
  • certain weapons
  • firearms
  • tobacco
  • drugs
  • designer knock-offs
This is a silly rule to violate, because AdSense is keyword generated, so it's amazingly easy for you to get caught. If you do have content that violates these rules, such as a beer-making supply store, they may be legitimate sites, but AdSense is not for you.

10. Cheat in Any Other Way

This isn't by any means a comprehensive list.
I'm sure there are many ways to game the system that Google hasn't found out about... yet. There always are. AdSense is constantly changing to find new ways to detect click fraud, and eventually you will be caught.
The best way to generate income through AdSense is to create good content that is well optimized for search engines and to promote your site through legitimate channels.
That sounds like a lot of work, because it is a lot of work. However, it's a strategy that won't get you banned.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adsense Income - Where Do You Start!

The very first thing you must do to have an AdSense web site would be to select a market -- or even subject -- for the web site.

In the event that this really is your own very first web site after that it's wise to create a web site in regards to a subject you've good quality understanding or even encounter along with. Should you style an internet site in regards to a subject you realize regarding, you will discover this super easy to produce plenty of great content material dependent by yourself understanding. It may be easier currently talking about some thing you realize.

Write down ideas for some webpages associated with content material.

Your own home page is going to be your own intro towards the subject. Which web page may have hyperlinks in order to additional webpages that contains much more particular details about the subject. Every web page in your web site would have been a subwoofer class towards the primary subject. For instance for those who have an internet site regarding canine breeds, your own home page is going to be your own intro web page referring to canines generally. Your additional webpages might be divided for every dog breed, providing more in depth details about the specific type.

You don't have to possess a extravagant web site, frequently some thing basic is much better.

You will have to obtain a website name plus some website hosting. Browse around to obtain a great deal upon web hosting. In the event that there is a great opportunity you'll be producing several AdSense web site after that locate a offer that provides a person limitless site web hosting.


Without having sufficient info out of your personal understanding after that you will have to perform a few investigation in your subject. That you can do this particular via publications in your own home, in the collection or even on the internet.

You must have great content material. You would like these potential customers in order to would like to return for your website. Should you content material is actually junk, very few can come back again. Great, strong, distinctive content material could keep all of them returning as well as ideally hitting your own advertisements.

Additionally you would like your own AdSense advertisements to complement this content in your website, therefore getting lots of great content material may make sure that the actual advertisements positioned on your website may complement your own subject.

Additionally, you will end up being preferred much better along with the various search engines for those who have top quality content material in your website -- as well as make certain it's distinctive. Obtain suggestions through additional websites as well as content articles on the web however do not duplicate something sentence after sentence. Usually reword points in to your personal text.

Complete your own webpages together with your content material and also have this shown properly as well as readable.

Make use of great colours in your webpages, colours which are simple about the eye. Frequently darkish skills for example dark or even deep blue can be very difficult to see as well as change aside site visitors quickly.

You may even wish to select colours that may advantage the actual market of the web site, for example eco-friendly colour plan for any horticulture web site, or even white wines for any wedding ceremony market.

After you have your quest carried out and also have additional several great webpages associated with top quality content material for your website now you can include your own AdSense advertisements as well as add your website for your server.

If you do not observe sufficient earnings arriving out of your advertisements invest a little bit of period tweaking your own advertisements before you have them perfect. Additionally continue operating from accumulating visitors aimed at your website, the greater visitors, the greater mouse clicks you're going to get in your advertisements.